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Participate in live shows with EduProtocols authors and faculty

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With a membership in EduProtocols Plus, you’ll be able to participate in a variety of monthly shows and group coaching designed to enable you to masterfully implement EduProtocols in your classroom or school while supporting strong student academic outcomes–with your existing curriculum! And you’ll have the support of our team and authors to make sure you’re successful! If you can’t make the shows live, we’ve got you covered with audio podcasts and video recordings afterward so you can learn when you want to. 

Our evolving lineup of shows for deeper learning

Image with white background and the words The EduProtocols Hotshot Show in black and blue
Image with white background and the words New Teacher Essentials on the page with the EduProtocols Plus log
Primarily EduProtocols with Ben and Jenn show logo with a blue background with a rocket with a rainbow, and a sun looking down on the text.
Image with a purple background and a bright illustrated sun. The words Ready. Set. Go. EduProtocols: Step by step so you can shine.
Image with blue background and the words Slay the Sunday Scaries laid over a triangle
Image with purple background and the letters EP+ Math Show and a square with 4 different colors and the addition, multiplication, division, and equal symbols.
Show icon for EduProtocols Coaching for Coaches with a black background and a mixture of yellow, white, and pink text.
EduProtocols and Google for Education Snack Shop - Bite-Sized Learning
More shows to include Deploying EduProtocols for Leaders, Secondary Social Studies, English Language Arts, and more to be announced in 2023

Courses to help you learn and advance on the payscale

Image with a purple background and the words Thin Slides in yellow. There are images that look like postcards with various scenic backgrounds including a forest, desert, and beach
Image with a white background and the the words Cyber Sandwich. There is a table with two chairs and a hamburgerin the middle
Image with a white background and the words Introduction to EduProtocols. A latte and a notebook along with a succulent plant are contained. The corner of a laptop is showing in the upper left corner.
An image with a yellow background and the words Iron Chef Lesson across it in gray text. There is a chef's hat behind the words.
Image with a blue background and the words 8 p*ARTS. There is a notebook with a pencil and a butterfly floating across
Image with a white background and the words Sketch & Tell across the top. There are colored pencils in a variety of rainbow colors.


Teach better, work less, and achieve more for less than one might spend each month on teaching resource websites. Or less than you spend on special coffees from your local barista.
As low as $20
75 per month*
  • Nearly a dozen live EduProtocols based shows featuring effective instructional practice**
  • Access live, video and AUDIO versions of all the shows + each show comes with a companion guide with all the links
  • Exclusive access to reusable lesson frames and resources not found in any of the books
  • 6 self-paced EduProtocols courses with more on the way
  • Discounts on in-person and online EduProtocols professional learning events
  • EduProtocols world famous free tech support included
  • Direct access to EduProtocols authors and faculty
  • University credit/CEUs available
  • School and district memberships available

Why EduProtocols Plus?

Each month features nearly a dozen interactive shows held via Zoom. The shows focus on supporting classroom teachers, school and district leaders, and instructional coaches in building their understanding of EduProtocols–and helping implement these practices and strategies in their classrooms with existing adopted curriculum. This is not one more thing. It’s the thing that brings everything you’re already doing and makes it even better. 

Not able to attend live? Hey, we get it. An educators life is busy and you’ve got a lot going on. Each show is recorded and is made available afterward in both video and audio formats for your convenience. And there are show notes with links and resources for you to review. 

Active EduProtocols Plus members gain access to a library of exclusive reusable EduProtocols lesson frames unavailable elsewhere designed to make lesson planning faster and easier. Each month you’ll have new ones added to your library so that you truly can ‘work less’ and instead focus on your students. 

Active members have free access to self-paced EduProtocols courses valued at $15 per course. Each course is 1 to 2 hours in length and focuses on implementing individual EduProtocols. More courses will be released in coming months. 

Current courses include:

  • Introduction to EduProtocols
  • Iron Chef
  • Cyber Sandwich
  • Thin Slides
  • 8 p*ARTS of Speech
  • Sketch and Tell

EduProtocols Plus is dedicated to building Collective Teacher Efficacy. Teachers, coaches, principals and district administrators need mentors, collaborators, and critical friends to realize their potential. The EduProtocols Plus Community provides busy educators with expert and peer-to-peer guidance on how to teach better, work less, and accelerate learning.

Event Discounts
Sometimes we want to take our learning offline, right? We love to learn elbow to elbow with inspiring educators who want to design learning environments that kids absolutely don’t want to miss! That’s why all active EduProtocols Plus members receive a $50 discount to any in-person EduProtocols event (we run 3 to 4 per year). Not only that–active members also receive a 50% discount for any special online events we conduct throughout the year! 

Partner freebies and discounts
We’ll also be offering special promos, exclusive access, and freebies from our partners throughout the year 

Liberty Leadership Development logo with gold starsGraduate credits are available for a separate fee to active members through Liberty Leadership Development in association with various universities for completion of the self-paced courses, participation in live workshops, and listening or watching the recordings. Learn more on the grad credit page.

We are currently working to expand access to CEUs on a state-by-state basis so that Members can apply CEUs toward credential renewal in states that require this.

Help your teaching staff fall in love with teaching again with EduProtocols.

Schoolwide membership perks

For individual schools who select our schoolwide membership plan, the following benefits are added on:

LIMITED OFFER: A copy of Deploying EduProtocols for each school leader on campus and a copy of The EduProtocols Field Guide 1 for each teacher on staff. 

One 1 hour personalized onboarding workshop for you and your staff conducted via Zoom with Jon Corippo. Jon will get you started on your path to success!

20% discount on all in-person, customized professional learning and classroom coaching/demos

20% bulk book discount for all additional EduProtocols books

District membership perks

Districts with either 100 staff or 80% of certificated teaching staff registered as active EduProtocols Plus members receive the following additional perks:

Three 1 hour personalized onboarding workshops for you and your staff conducted via Zoom with Jon Corippo. Jon will get you started on your path to success!

20% discount on all in-person, customized professional learning and classroom coaching/demos

20% bulk book discount for all EduProtocols books

District dashboard to track learner progress and activity

Quarterly online consulting meetings with Jon Corippo, Marlena Hebern, and Chris Bell (a value of over $10,000)

Priority customer support

Don't just listen to us

Questions? We're here to help

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EduProtocols Plus is an innovative professional learning community focused on implementing classroom-tested and proven EduProtocols to accelerate student learning in your classroom, school, or district.

With a membership in EduProtocols Plus, you’ll be able to participate in a variety of monthly virtual workshops and group coaching designed to enable you to masterfully implement EduProtocols in your classroom or school. And you’ll have the support of our team and authors to make sure you’re successful!

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EduProtocols Plus costs $24.99 per month for members on a monthly plan. If purchasing an annual plan, the cost comes down to $20.75 per month (this works out to $249 per year). We do accept purchase orders and we do offer school and district plans that bring that price down further. To learn more about school and district plans, please visit https://plus.eduprotocols.com/schools/

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We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), and Discover.  

Should you wish to pay by purchase order, please request a pro forma quote that can be submitted along with our W9 to your purchasing department

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Yes! We accept purchase orders as payment for our US customers only. To pay using a purchase order, you’ll need to submit a request for a proforma invoice that can be provided to your purchasing department. Once you complete the request form, we will email a quote.

Please note that accounts will not be created and activated until either a check for payment is received or a valid purchase order is received. Once accounts are created, they will be valid for one year from date of activation. Information on renewing membership will be sent out 90 days prior to renewal.

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If you have submitted a purchase order, please be aware that your order will not be automatically processed and there will be up to 2 business days in the activation of member benefits, online course access, and online workshops. You will receive an email confirmation email once the purchase order is processed and you can access your materials.

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Your monthly membership in EduProtocols Plus will auto renew meaning your membership dues will automatically be charged each month to the saved credit card on file. If you do not wish to be charged for another month of membership, be sure to cancel auto renew prior to the final day of your membership.

Auto-renew can be canceled by going to plus.eduprototocols.com and navigating to the “Memberships” tab in your account. Click “manage” next to the membership subscription that has auto renew enabled and click the text link that reads “Cancel Auto Renew.”

If your annual membership was paid by purchase order, it will not auto-renew and you will be required to provide a credit card or a new purchase order on the renewal date.


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EduProtocols Plus is available on many supported devices. Our goal is to let you learn anywhere, on any device and platform.

Learn on mobile devices:
Smartphones and tablets running mobile Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Learn on computers:
Learn directly on the web at plus.eduprotocols.com. For the best learning experience, download the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

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We ask that you do not share your login information with other users. We depend on memberships to help with the cost of developing this site, hosting live workshops, developing resources and lesson frames, and all of the other things that go into building and maintaining a resource website like this including paying for web development, video editing, graphic creation, and so on. We do provide a wide variety of free resources outside of EduProtocols Plus that help with implementing EduProtocols in the classroom, but hope you understand why we need to offer unlimited access to the workshops, recordings, lesson frame library, and online courses to members only.

Each educator who wishes to use EduProtocols Plus materials will be required to have their own membership. It is important that members abide by our legal terms of use by not sharing your login information, so we can keep the membership active and affordable for all teachers. Thank you for your support!

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No problem – cancel anytime. There are no fees for canceling. We’d hate to see you go, but we’ll save your account in case you want to restart your membership later.

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If you have questions or need assistance, you can reach us via the following ways 9am – 4pm PST, Monday – Friday. We strive to respond quickly, but do appreciate your patience as we work to support all customers. 

  • Text EPPLUS to (855) 670-3297
  • Leave a voicemail at 714-512-2355 (U.S. & Canada)
  • Email us at support@eduprotocols.com