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Course Objectives

  • Learn About Cyber Sandwich
  • Use Cyber Sandwich in Your Class
  • Submit Implementation Student Samples and a Reflection

Course Information

The Cyber Sandwich is a delightfully versatile tool for comprehension and deep reading. In the Cyber Sandwich, students partner up to deepen each other’s thinking and comprehension. It is just as effective for 3rd graders as it is for high schoolers!

Supporting Materials

There is no required textbook for this course, however, you may find that it is helpful to reference The EduProtocols Field Guide, Book 1 by Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo and we highly recommend it to support your EduProtocol journey. The EduProtocols Field Guide, Book 1 is available at Amazon as a printed book and also in the Kindle version.

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  • About This EduProtocol 
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    • How It Works
    • Teach With Mastery 
    • Recipe Card
    • Protocol Directions
  • Tips for Teaching 
    • Grades K-2
  • Templates
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  • Cyber Sandwich: Evidence Of Your Progress 
    • Cyber Sandwich: Demonstrate Your Learning

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