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Image with a white background and the words Introduction to EduProtocols. A latte and a notebook along with a succulent plant are contained. The corner of a laptop is showing in the upper left corner.


  • Understand what EduProtocols are
  • Practice completing an EduProtocol
  • Deploy your first EduProtocol with students

Course Description

EduProtocols are lesson frames into which you will insert your curriculum to teach more effectively and deliver more engaging content. We want to see students collaborating, creating, thinking critically, and communicating (the Four Cs), and we want you to know that you can use the ideas presented here to enrich student engagement through the Four Cs opportunities embedded in most of the EduProtocols to change your classroom!

This course includes the Frayer EduProtocol.

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Course Navigation

  • What is an EduProtocol
    • What are EduProtocols
    • How Do They Work
    • A Cyber Sandwich Example
    • What Makes an EduProtocol? 
    • Self-Graded Quiz
    • Demonstrate Your Learning: PROTOCOL
  • Best Practices with EduProtocols
    • Understanding EduProtocols
    • Demonstrate Your Learning: SPIRIT
    • Connecting Standards
  • Next Steps in Your Journey
    • Demonstrate Your Learning: Class-wide Frayer

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