Iron Chef EduProtocol

Shift the work from teacher to student and free up your yime to provide feedback and support through the learning process by using the Iron Chef EduProtocols, in which students use a shared-template slide deck in a jigsaw format to learn content and practice presentations.

According to John Hattie’s effect size ranking, a jigsaw has an effect size of 1.2. If a normal year’s growth is .40, then a jigsaw produces three times the normal year’s growth. That’s amazing, and the Iron Chef Lesson taps into all that goodness in a fun way!

I asked my kids today if they learned anything about termites from me during the past two days. They realized that all the learning was facilitated and done by them and they were really proud. I said, "I was just here in case someone got hurt, but you didn't need me at at all". I don't have to work as hard, once they learn the protocol.
Binoculars in black and white
Meghan Cannon
Third Grade Teacher

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