The Social Studies Show – Cyber Sandwich (Audio Only)

In this episode, Scott and Adam discuss all things Cyber Sandwich

Episode problem of practice

How do I diversify my Cyber Sandwich activities?

  • Think about rotating readings with Listenwise stories, longer podcasts, Commonlits, and videos.
  • Turn it into a Philosopher’s Chair activity. Strongly Agree-Disagree, or have them pick one person, solution, or version of an event.
  • Differentiate by including multiple readings or multiple media per person.

Impactful Articles


Cyber Sandwich

Video Tutorial from Marlena

Cyber Sandwich Reflection

From Moler’s Musings. 

Abolitionist Movement CS

From Moler’s Musings

JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories

A multi-day, four-way Cyber Sandwich that helps students sift through video and textual evidence. 

Courage to Care Award

Students develop an argument as to who deserves the award for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

Collaborative Group Archive Document 

This is currently set to View only. As an EP+ member request editing rights and feel free to contribute your best Cyber Sandwiches. 

More resources found on the Show Notes for the episode

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