EduProtocols for Newbies

New to EduProtocols? Need to improve your teacher practices?

This special 90 minute show with EduProtocol™️ gurus Marlena Hebern, Kim Voge & Jon Corippo walks you through how to get started with EduProtocols and the philosophy behind their implementation. Learn a few easy-to-implement EduProtocol lesson frames as you embrace a mindset that will allow you to teach better and work efficiently while your students achieve more!

Featured EduProtocols

  • Fast & Curious
  • Thin Slides
  • 8*pArts
  • Iron Chef

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The Social Studies Show – Iron Chef

In this episode, Scott and Adam are joined by special guest, Louis Bonsteel, a Los Angeles Unified School District history teacher as they talk about Iron Chef in the social studies classroom.

How can I prep my students for all the people they will meet in this time period? How can I help my students fact-check what they read online? Iron Chef to the rescue.

Impactful Articles


Marlena Hebern

A two minute introduction. 

Moler’s Musings

Iron Chef/Archetype Smash  

History Rewriter

Jigsaw Tool 

Fact Checking 

Louis Bonsteel


Redlands US Iron Chef PD

A 1 hour webinar on Iron Chef. 

More resources found on the Show Notes for the episode

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