ELA Unleashed – Repuzzler

This episode is all about Repuzzler (and the Frayer Model)

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ELA Unleashed – Repuzzler

Welcome to ELA Unleashed, the online series that helps you enhance your instructional practices in the English Language Arts classroom. Join ELA teachers, Jacob Carr and Nathan Collins as they share insights, strategies, and techniques for engaging students in reading, writing, and critical thinking. Learn how to leverage the power of EduProtocols to increase student engagement, build academic skills, and promote collaborative learning. With a focus on best practices in ELA instruction, this series is a must-watch for any teacher looking to elevate their teaching practice and create an environment where students can thrive.
In this episode, Jacob and Nathan Collins explore Repuzzler and the Frayer Model. Show notes and slides located at https://plus.eduprotocols.com/2023/03/28/ela-unleashed-repuzzler/

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